6/29 SBM

SBM (Sound/Breath/Movement):

‘Celebrate Your Sensuality’

with Josephine & Miu

:  庆祝你的感官知觉’

6/29 (Sat 周六) 19:30~21:00

@ Do Art Space 度艺术空间



link: shantihshala.com/2019/06/19/6-29-sbm/

Since merging into the SSJ (Spiritual Sound Journey) practice, SBM (Sound/Breath/Movement) returns as a stand alone class after a long hiatus! Expect lots of practices involving Sound, Breath and Movement!

Sound: experimenting with our voices as instruments, creating spontaneous sounds and vibrations using our environment as a powerful tool for expression, empowerment and healing

Breath: connecting with ourselves through mindful breathing for deep relaxation, energy awakening, mental focus, emotional release and so much more

Movement: using the body as a vehicle to remove tension, clear blockages, promote grounding and healing physically, mentally and emotionally

Whether you love stillness or movement, sounds or silence, Yin or Yang energy, this is a practice that will explore all these elements and everything in between.

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Screen Shot 2019-06-19 at 8.27.54 PM.png

Based on the theme of ‘Celebrate Your Sensuality’, we shall experiment, explore and discover creative ways to efficiently connect with the MIND, BODY and HEART.

What is sensuality? Our ability to engage all the senses to create sensual feelings in the body, mind and spirit without being sexual is the true meaning of sensuality. Acknowledging our sensuality itself is a profound epiphany, celebrating it is an enlightening and empowering process itself!

Screen Shot 2019-06-19 at 9.31.01 PM

If you have always wondered, doubted, denied or even felt ashamed of this natural, beautiful expression that is part of your unique individuality, please do join us in exploring and discovering this gift together! Please help us create a transformational journey of inner reflection, creative expressions and joyous celebration!

Whether you are a woman or a man, regardless of your age, background and story, you are warmly welcomed here! See you then!

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Screen Shot 2019-06-20 at 7.52.38 PM.png

We invite you to come learn playful and efficient ways in a safe, non-judgemental and super supportive environment with like-minded folks, especially to benefit from the empowering group energy!

No experience needed, just bring an open heart and a willing mind! C u there!


欢迎所有的人参与不需要任何经验, 你只要带着敞开的心! 期待与你一起练习!

Screen Shot 2019-06-19 at 8.29.08 PM

A great way to ‘get out of our heads’ and reconnect with our bodies – come breathe, move, dance, meditate, sing and express yourself freely. The focus will be to immerse ourselves in our own inner journeys through spontaneous movements and expressions. Come release all repressed words, images, emotions, thoughts, feelings, energies that are the cause of all ailments and diseases. Feel completely energized and calm as you drink deeply from the inner peace and deep relaxation afterwards!


Jo @ HAF-June 2018-2

About your facilitator 你的导师:

Josephine Ong, Malaysia  王若男,马来西亚

Wellness Therapist, Energy Healer

Enriched with over 10 years of teaching experience, Josephine Ong is the founder and leading therapist of Shantih Shala Holistic Arts (SSHA).

Josephine is a skilled Wellness TherapistEnergy Healer, Yoga Teacher and Personal Trainer internationally recognized by Yoga Alliance, Yoga Arts Australia, Sivananda Vedante (Institute) Training Academy of Chennai (India) and ACE (American Council On Exercise).

Since 2008, Shantih Shala Holistic Arts (SSHA) was founded to serve as a platform promoting empowerment through the healing arts, specifically via Holistic practices to manage the Mind, Body and Heart. With the mission of helping others to empower themselves on a physical, mental and emotional level holistically, SSHA offers effective, high quality skills and practical professional expertise.

Working holistically means working the Mind, Body and Heart as a whole, complete entity. Private sessions, specialized workshops and immersion courses focusing on these three elements all target to address your specific needs and achieve your goals. ‘Mind’ practices include Counseling, Meditation, Pranayama (breath work), Regression Journey, Spiritual Sound Journeys (SSJ); ‘Body’ practices include Intuitive Bodywork, Yoga Therapy; ‘Heart’ practices include Energy Work, Reiki, Sound Therapy, Crystal Balancing, and more.

Jo @ Mao Livehouse

作为“Shantih Shala-整体的艺术”(SSHA) 的创始人和首席治疗师,Josephine Ong拥有超过10年的教学经验。

Josephine是一位经验丰富的健康顾问、能量治疗师、瑜伽老师和私人教练,她的教师资格分别通过国际性专业机构的认证,具体为美国瑜伽协会(Yoga Alliance)、澳大利亚瑜伽艺术联盟(Yoga Arts Australia)、印度金奈希瓦南达吠陀(研究所)培训机构(Sivananda Vedante Training Academy of Chennai )和美国运动委员会(ACE)。

“Shantih Shala-整体的艺术”(SSHA) 创建于2008年。作为一个工作平台,“Shantih Shala-整体的艺术”(SSHA)帮助个人在疗愈艺术中,特别是通过促进身心灵健康与平衡的各种练习,实现个人内在力量的提升。“Shantih Shala-整体的艺术”(SSHA)提供高效优质且具有实践性的技能组合,帮助人们在身体、心理和情感层面上提升个人内在力量,从而协调地平衡身体、头脑和心灵的关系。

整体疗愈意味着将头脑、身体与心灵作为一个完整的统一体,为了达到你的目标或者满足你的特别需求,“Shantih Shala-整体的艺术”(SSHA)提供专注于身心灵疗愈的私人订制课程、工作坊与专业课程。涉及“头脑”的练习为身心健康咨询(Counseling)、冥想(Meditation)、瑜伽调息与呼吸练习(Pranayama)、回溯疗法(Regression Journey)、灵性音疗工作坊(Spiritual Sound Journey);涉及“身体”的练习包括直觉体语工作坊(Intuitive Bodywork)与瑜伽体式练习(Yoga Therapy);涉及“心灵”的练习为能量课程(Energy Work)、声音疗愈(Sound Therapy)、水晶平衡(Crystal Balancing)等。

Related links 相关链接:



Miu 1

About your guest facilitator 你的特约导师:

Miu, China 中国

Miu is the founder of Mandala Dance Shanghai and Dance The Inside Out, Soul dance explorer, Tribal Fusion belly dance instructor. She is a solo performer, traveler and dreamer.

She fell in love with Tribal Fusion since her first time saw Rachel Brice ‘s move. She went to US to study with Rachel Brice, Zoe Jakes, Mira Betz, Ariellah every year and perform there since 2013.

Her dance manifests what is deep in her heart and expresses the rare, raw and real soul. “Tribal Fusion released my Gypsy heart.”

Miu 2


她从第一眼看到Rachel Brice 的表演后便爱上了部落融合肚皮舞从此一发不可收拾。

她从2013年起远赴美国师从Rachel Brice,Zoe jakes, Mira betz,Ariellah等众多一线部落明星导师。

并于2018年参加了拉斯维加斯The Tribal Massive部落节之大型演出。


SBM @ CSL-29:4-9

What others say 他们说:


“Thank you Jo! What an incredible evening! Still feeling the love!! So looking forward to coming again! 谢谢你Jo! 我还能感觉到当晚大家传递的爱,非常完美的晚上! 期待下次再来!”


Screen Shot 2019-06-20 at 7.58.11 PM.png

“It was SO GREAT!! I really love the meditation and the sharing afterwards! 真的太棒了!! 狠爱我们练习的冥想,也狠爱过后的分享!!”




Screen Shot 2019-06-19 at 8.58.41 PM



Screen Shot 2019-06-20 at 7.58.03 PM


“I just had to send my son a note saying, after 3 years in Shanghai, I finally found my people! 我告诉儿子说经过在上海生活三年多我终于找到我的’家庭’!”

“It was SUCH a trip, really amazing!!! 真是一个太不可思议的经验,超级棒!!”

Screen Shot 2019-06-19 at 8.39.28 PM.png

feedback-Mai 4

Screen Shot 2019-06-19 at 8.29.45 PM

feedback Sound WS-Laura


Happy wild animals roaming free like carefree innocent children playing; fun, soulful and spiritual all at once! Always so much meaningful, hidden messages for self-reflection and subtle energy exchange underneath the surface. Thank you all again for another deeply grounding and healing session! C u next time!

如同在森林中漫游的野生动物, 如同天真无邪小孩地玩耍; 即有趣、深情同时又充满灵性! 表面上看起来似乎疯狂的游戏其实隐藏着许多微妙、重要的信息和学问:自我反省以及(正) 能量交换。再次感谢大家给力的临在,感恩我们一起再次创造如此接地和充满疗愈的夜晚! 希望很快下次再见哦!

Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 9.09.17 PM.png

“Magical”, “very safe and supportive”, “I really surprised myself”, “so emotional”, “my pain is gone”, “trusting”, “freeing”, “felt like I was dancing in the Amazonian forest”, “therapeutic”, “intense meditation” and much much more are among what we shared deeply within the laughs and cries, as we journeyed with our voices, individual energies merged with others becoming one collective whole. Beauty. Humility. You. Thank you all again for being there!


No experience needed, come join us!



[ RSVP 预约 / More info 详情 ] Jo-shantih-shala (/Eng)

[ Venue ] Do Art Space

Room 302-303, Haiying Building, No.1288, Wuding Road (W), Jing’an District

Metro: Line 2 or 11, Jiangsu Road Station, No.5 exit

[ 地点 ] 度艺术空间

上海市静安区武定西路1288号302-303 度艺术空间


Do Art Space

[ Exchange 学费 ] ¥150/pax 每人, ¥250/2 pax 俩人, ¥100/student 学生

Spaces limited, please kindly RSVP via WeChat pay, thanks & c u!

位置有限哦请以微信付款方式确认你的位置哦, 到时见!

Screen Shot 2019-06-19 at 8.03.37 PM.png

We are waiting for you! 我们等你哦!


1. Prior to the workshop, kindly pay in WeChat to book your space
2. No phones & phones on silent throughout the session
3. Please arrive 5-10 mins earlier to settle in
4. Wear comfortable clothes suitable for movement and meditation


ssj memories7


1. 在上课之前请提前用微信付款预约你的位置

2. 全程不使用手机,手机静音
3. 请提前5-10分钟到达
4. 请穿上适合运动和打坐的衣服



MBH 3 in 1.png




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