mikhailjo-namaste-small“It was always such an enjoyable discovery process whenever we worked together. I was feeling great and really enjoyed our daily sessions together!  每次合作的时候都有很多、很开心的新发现,非常棒!我整体觉得超级好,很喜欢我们每天在一起练习的时光!”

Mr. Mikhail Baryshinikov, legendary ballet dancer and actor from Russia     著名俄罗斯芭蕾舞蹈员和演员




“I kept saying ‘wow’ and ‘amazing’…Simply exhilarating, empowering and so much fun – even with the challenging parts included! Thanks for a great time! 上课时候我一直在感叹‘棒极了’、’太厉害了‘了!实在令人振奋同时又很有趣,哪怕有时候有点挑战!谢谢你让我度过一个愉快并给力的时光!”

Ms.Marion Cotillard, renowned actress from France 玛丽昂.歌迪亚, 法国著名演员




Guillaume Canet

“I have been suffering from a bad ankle injury for quite some time; so it was very good to learn new and simple ways to heal myself – from observing my breathing, to my posture to the way I move. It was very helpful and interesting indeed, thank you! 我一直受到脚踝的伤势;因此我很高兴能够学习如何自我疗愈-从呼吸、姿势到行动的关注和调整。非常有意思和管用的知识,谢谢你!


Mr. Guillaume Canet, renowned actor from France  吉约姆·卡内, 法国著名演员



“Josephine has got an admiring voice leading her Yoga and meditative state of mind. Whether it’s Yoga, Meditation or Energy Healing, her passion and care just never fails to inspire me.  Jo优美的嗓子非常完美地带领我进入一个平静的冥想状态。无论是瑜伽,冥想或能量治疗,她的激情地关怀一直不断地打动我的心和给我灵感。”

Ms. Miki Nakatani, Japanese actress/artist 中谷美纪



Carine Roitfeld

“It was great and wonderful to have shared many sessions and classes with Jo. She is very special and I love special people. I hope to take another step further on the path of Yoga with her. Namaste! 能够上Jo的各类课程和一起学习实在太好了。她很特别,我很欣赏她的独特之处。我希望能够与她在瑜伽的过程上继续往前走 。”

Ms. Corrine Roitfield, former supermodel & Editor-in-Chief of French Vogue著名超级模特/法国时尚杂志主编


Max Beesley+Jo

” Josephine really knows her stuff – check her out!”

Mr. Maxton Beesley Jr, UK actor & musician

”Full of knowledge and insights with a gift of sharing loving healing energy, I highly recommend working with Jo!”
Mr. Maxton Beesley, UK comedian & musician

”I believe people come in & out of your life at different times for significant reasons and meeting Josephine was a particular turning point for me and my path. Through various healing sessions together, sometimes with my husband but mostly just with me… Josephine helped me prepare for my long awaited & much wanted pregnancy… calming my mind, readying my body but mostly sending a strong message to the universe that a new person was welcome in our family. While we worked with fertility specialists and TCM professionals, I spent time with Josephine for my soul and to position myself to be ready to create a new life. Through Sound Therapy, Reiki and meditation Josephine creates such a positive space and we are so lucky to have someone like her in our lives.

I used a lot of her relaxation techniques when I got pregnant and took my mind to similar spaces that Josephine helped me find through my final months and labour. If we hadn’t moved from Shanghai, I would still be seeing Josephine regularly, and I constantly recommend her to friends… for in our busy lives of friends, family, work and passions, we all need to create a space in our schedules but also in our minds for healing sessions.”


Amelia, Australia



Michael + Apr-b&w

”You have been such a guide and light to me when I was going through a very difficult time in my life. And I have not been able to really see and appreciate this. I want to apologize for not having thanked you earlier and I want to thank you now.

I want to thank you for answering my mails, for listening to my doubts, for being approachable, and most of all, for your presence.

Now I am living more than 3 years in Germany, and am very much more where I belong to than back in Shanghai. There is very very little I miss from that time, except having met you. You have been a very strong spiritual & human guide to me, I could not think of anyone, that has touched me so much.

Please know, that you are one of the most important persons I ever met in my life, and that meeting you has changed my life. All the best and all my love (with all respect).”

Thomas Ricono, Germany




Jo + Raquel.jpg

”I remember the day I decided to prioritize my spirituality. I was in Portugal on vacation and decided to google Reiki courses in Shanghai (I tried Reiki before and I connected with the technique) Jo was one of the first pages I opened and I added her on WeChat. From that moment on I knew I found more than a Reiki teacher. The first time we met was for a 1-1 Reiki treatment. I felt like Jo read right through me in a matter of minutes. We did a little bit of guided meditation and I remember thinking I never went that deep when I meditate alone. I came to Jo and I was a mess at that time. I wasn’t happy with my job, I had opened wounds and I was trying as hard as I could to not heal them (not on purpose) and very gently and slowly (like only Jo knows!) after every treatment I felt better. I started to get more confident and slowly started to do what I love more and more.

Jo was always super supportive of every move of every stage. She was always there somehow! ( WeChat or sometimes in person) we finally did our Reiki course and it was incredible! Once again Jo accommodated my crazy schedule at the time and we both made sure that was happening. Talking about Jo is a little bit like talking about a guardian angel. I am so glad I started my spiritual journey with her. I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Raquel Sebarra, Portugal




“I had the pleasure of practicing Yoga and some Energy Balancing work on a daily basis with Josephine Ong. Working with Josephine was truly inspiring and was probably one of the highlights of my visit. 我很荣幸有机会与Jo每天练习瑜伽和进行能量治疗。与她一起学习为我带来许多灵感,也是我这次度假的最关键的一部分。”

The Honorable Judge Mr. Joel SilcoffCanada 加拿大




Sanchez family+Jo

”Meeting you has been a true gift. We are so blessed and grateful to have met you and have you in our lives. You have done a lot for my family and I can’t thank you enough for that. Deep gratitude is what we feel about our spiritual journey together.”

The Sanchez family, Mexico





sue on viking cruise

”I have learned to be kind and gentle to myself, you have shown and taught me how important this is. For that I am so very grateful!”

Sue Sharmane, USA






”Let me tell you how admirative I am of what you undertake. You spend an enormous amount of energy, without weakening or deviating, to achieve the goals you have set, and help others around you in beautiful gifts of yourself. You do all this in our specific way, the way of Shantih Shala, the school of peace. Thanks again for your kindness, and your good support. You always lead me to empowerment.”

Francois Zorr, Sweden



“It is not so much about the beauty of what Jo teaches, it is more about the beauty of HOW she taught. 真正美妙之处并非在于Jo的教导,而是她漂亮的传达。”

Mr. Etienne Russo, Italy 意大利





Mary Madill-Viking“The Universe brought Josephine and I together on a Viking cruise just after I had retired.  Josephine was on board as a guest expert practitioner for the spa.  Her programs changed my mind, body and spirit. For the body, her Yin yoga exercises provided increased flexibility almost immediately.  For the mind,  Josephine’s evening meditations allowed all levels of meditators to experience peace and calm.  For my spirit, Josephine’s energy healing sessions revealed my retirement life path to be way beyond anything I could have imagined. I am so grateful for Jo’s gentle energy leading me to my true life path.  I am very grateful to have worked with Josephine.”

                                                                                                                            Mary Madill, USA 



“Dear Josephine, thank you again for everything! We are leaving Hua Hin now, but the city will always be associated with your name! Thanks again for the classes and the Energy Healing, for all the good things you did and all the advices, for a sincere guidance in our hope and new life! 亲爱的Jo,再次谢谢你!我们现在离开华欣(泰国),不过这个城市一直都会与你的名字紧链接着!感谢你用心教授的课程和能量治疗、心理咨询以及不断地鼓励、帮助和给我们希望! “

Ms. Anastasia Barbarina, Latvia 拉特伟亚



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