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Developing  your body empowerment through:

  • Intuitive Bodywork
  • Yoga Therapy 



Intuitive Bodywork is what I developed over the years after sustaining various injuries to heal myself. Gentle yet efficient, therapeutic and meditative, this workshop is suitable for all bodies and backgrounds. It’s especially good for those who have injuries, are compromised physically/mentally, also helpful for those who need to balance out their exercise routine with deep stretching, muscular release to assist recovery and relaxation.


Over the years my personal practice has evolved much and it continues to do so, especially after sustaining various physical injuries that constantly challenge me to adapt accordingly through patience and humility. Fusing Yoga Therapy, Feldenkrais, Sound/Breath/Movement, Pranayama (Yogic breathing), Meditation and Sound Healing, each session is uniquely designed to adapt to everyone. You will learn and be encouraged truly listen to your body’ needs, tune into your mental state and allow your emotional expressions to be heard.

Common benefits include:

·         cultivating mindfulness

·         reducing stress

·         assist emotional blockages

·         establish proper posture

·         safe and intelligent movement

·         breathe better

·         build confidence

·         rehabilitating injured body parts

·         increasing strength, stamina and endurance

·         managing various ailments including Depression, Insomnia, Asthma, digestive disorders etc


Regardless of your gender, age, background and health condition(s), this workshop is suitable for all. It is especially beneficial for those with injuries or suffer from ailments due to its gentle and therapeutic nature. As long as you have the intention to learn and help yourself, that is all that matters! No experience required.