The BODY never lies as it is uncapable of pretending to be something that it is not, hence it is always in an honest state of authenticity


The BODY is also a tremendously powerful tool for awakening our full potential as it only knows how to live in the present moment


This category of practices include:

  • Intuitive Bodywork
  • Yoga Therapy 



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You will learn how to:

  • listen empathetically to the messages from your body
  • appreciate, respect, honour and allow the needs and requests from your body
  • take care of your physical well-being
  • practice and discover the healing benefits of mindful movements/practices
  • creatively work around ailments, injuries and challenges regardless of your gender, age, background and health condition(s)
  • develop and balance out your unique exercise routine
  • tune into your mental state and allow emotional expressions to be heard through the physical self
  • release physical tension through deep relaxation
  • practice safe and intelligent movement
  • assist emotional blockages
  • establish proper and healthy posture
  • breathe better
  • increase strength, stamina, endurance and flexibility
  • detox the physical self
  • assist physical recovery
  • rehabilitate injured body parts
  • manage various ailments including Depression, Insomnia, Asthma, digestive disorders etc
  • build confidence
  • prepare the body for stillness in Meditation



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BODY practices are available as:

Private sessions

Immersion courses

Courses & workshops



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