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MIND, BODY & HEART form the three main pillars of holistic practice on our journey of self-discovery, empowerment and healing. The introductory workshops offer a glimpse into various practices that could become useful tools to enhance your well-being and deepen your spiritual path.

Weekly workshops focusing on a specific theme serve as an immersion course for in-depth learning. You will learn simple and efficient tools to incorporate into your daily life including Meditation, Pranayama (breath awareness), Mindfulness, Sound Therapy, Intuitive Bodywork©, Yoga and much more. All you need is the intention to learn and discover, no experience required.


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starts Oct 20th ~

open for registration now!  

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MBintro workshops

Please join our Wednesday evening introductory workshops to experience a taste of various healing modalities that could enhance your wellbeing and deepen your spiritual path:-

Wednesdays 19:30~21:00 @ The White Room

Sept 5th Intro to MBH focusing on [MIND] & [BODY]

Sept 26th Intro to MBH focusing on [MIND] & [HEART]

Oct 17th Intro to MBH focusing on [BODY][HEART]

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  • All levels & beginners welcomed
  • Spaces limited, kindly contact us for details & c u there!




MBImmersion Course


Join the MB[MIND] [BODY] [HEART] Immersion Courses for focused learning and a thorough experience:-

Saturdays 16:00~18:00 @ The White Room





Oct 20th MBH: [MIND] week 1  

Oct 27th MBH: [MIND] week 2    

Nov 3rd MBH: [MIND] week 3  

Nov 10th MBH: [BODY] week 1

Nov 17th MBH: [BODY] week 2   

Nov 24th MBH: [BODY] week 3

Dec 1st MBH: [HEART] week 1  

Dec 8th MBH: [HEART] week 2    

Dec 15th MBH: [HEART] week 3

  • Pre-requisite: attended at least one Intro Workshop
  • Spaces limited, kindly contact us for details & c u there!



Reiki1 @ vital force-healingEnergy Work Level I training course at Vital Force Wellness Centre


Course duration & frequency:

  • Every Saturday 4~6pm, 2 hours/workshop/week
  • One course covers 3 workshops totaling to 6 hours, entire module is a total of 18 hours over 9 weeks
  • Each week focus on a specific theme gradually progressing to more advanced practices
  • Three weeks concludes all levels on one theme



yin @ 9 cloudsYin Yoga & Sound Therapy workshop



  • All dates and content are subjected to change, please stay tuned for the latest info.
  • All workshops can be taken independently however we highly recommend completing all 3 workshops (one full module) to deepen your learning experience
  • Class size will be kept small to ensure maximum attention, please kindly RSVP in advance to reserve your space



Reiki 1 @ ParisEnergy Healing training course in Paris, France



Frequently Asked Questions

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Jo heals Bob-small.jpgPrivate healing session at The White Room



Energy Work [MIND] [HEART] 

All life contains energy and we are made of the same life force energy. It is a practice for life as we learn to function at an optimal and harmonious level, meaning to strengthen and maintain our life force energy. The monthly Energy Circle offers a taste in exploring and experiencing different types of Energy Healing, including Meditation, Sound Therapy, Reiki, Pranayama, Crystal Balancing, Aromatherapy and Shamanism. Everyone is warmly welcomed, especially healers and practitioners to share their practice. To learn and further your studies in the art of Energy Work, please join the Energy Work Level I and II immersion courses.

Intro to Energy Work + Energy Circle

Sundays 2~4pm. Sept 16th, Oct 28th, Nov 11th, Dec 2nd @ The White Room

All warmly welcomed


Energy Work Level I Course

2019 Jan 26~27th (Saturday, Sunday) 1~6pm @ Vital Force Wellness Centre

Pre- requisite: attended at least one Intro Workshop


Energy Work Level II Course

2019 May 25~26th (Saturday, Sunday) 1~6pm @ Vital Force Wellness Centre

Pre-requisite: attended Level I course



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Our immersion courses happens at specific locations globally.  Have a look at our course planning for more info and the latest updates



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