Immersion Courses

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MBH courses [MIND] [BODY] [HEART] 

MIND, BODY & HEART form the three main pillars of holistic practice on our journey of self-discovery, empowerment and healing. The introductory workshops offer a glimpse into various practices that could become useful tools to enhance your well-being and deepen your spiritual path. Weekly workshops focusing on a specific theme serve as an immersion course for in-depth learning.

Intro to MBH :Saturdays 2~3:30pm @ The White Room 

All levels & beginners welcomed

June 16th , Aug 11th ,Sept 1st

MBH courses: Saturdays 2~4pm @ Vital Force Wellness Centre.

Pre-requisite: attended at least one Intro Workshop

Oct 20th MBH: [MIND] week 1

Oct 27th MBH: [MIND] week 2

Nov 3rd MBH: [MIND] week 3

Nov 10th MBH: [BODY] week 1

Nov 17th MBH: [BODY] week 2

Nov 24th MBH: [BODY] week 3

Dec 1st MBH: [HEART] week 1

Dec 8th MBH: [HEART] week 2

Dec 15th MBH: [HEART] week 3


‘The Art of Listening’ [MIND] [BODY] [HEART] 

In a world where we are constantly bombarded by too much noise and distractions, many of us have forgotten or even lost the art of listening. Far beyond merely using just the ears, we explore ways of listening physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically. The introductory workshop will hopefully ignite your full appreciation for the art of true listening. Join the monthly workshops for an immersive experience as we dive deeper into the practice.

Saturday 2~3:30pm July 7th  @ The White Room  

Intro to ‘The Art of Listening’ [MIND] [BODY] [HEART]  All levels

Mondays 7:30~9:30pm @ Vital Force Wellness Centre 

Pre-requisite: attended at least one Intro Workshop

Sept 10th Art of Listening [MIND]

Oct 15th Art of Listening [BODY]

Nov 5th Art of Listening [HEART]

Dec 3rd Art of Listening [MIND] [BODY] [HEART]


Energy Work Level I and II [MIND][HEART] 

All life contains energy and we are made of the same life force energy. It is a practice for life as we learn to function at an optimal and harmonious level, meaning to strengthen and maintain our life force energy. The monthly Energy Circle offers a taste in exploring and experiencing different types of Energy Healing, including Meditation, Sound Therapy, Reiki, Pranayama, Crystal Balancing, Aromatherapy and Shamanism. Everyone is warmly welcomed, especially healers and practitioners to share their practice. To learn and further your studies in the art of Energy Work, please join the Energy Work Level I and II immersion courses.

Sundays 2~4pm. July 15th, Sept 9th, Oct 28th, Dec 2nd @ The White Room

Intro to Energy Work + Energy Circle  All levels


2019 Jan 26~27th (Saturday, Sunday) 1~6pm @ Vital Force Wellness Centre

Energy Work Level I  Pre- requisite: attended at least one Intro Workshop


2019 May 25~26th (Saturday, Sunday) 1~6pm @ Vital Force Wellness Centre

Energy Work Level II  Pre-requisite: attended Level I course


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We organize our immersion courses at specific locations all over the world.  Have a look at our course planning for checking available dates and venues