SSJ Aug 22 2020

SSJ (Spiritual Sound Journey):

Sunset rooftop edition

靈性音疗之旅: 黄昏屋顶版

8/22 ( Sat 周六) 17:45~19:45

with Josephine Ong 

& Guest Musician Bone Lhamuja

与导师王若男 + 特约音乐家拉木加


Aug 2020-SSJ-1


Use the QR code for details & bookings, c u then!

预约和详情请用海报中的微信号, 到时见哦!


Screen Shot 2019-05-06 at 5.35.45 PM.png

What is SSJ? 

SSJ (Spiritual Sound Journey) is a unique, meditative journey of the senses especially focusing on sounds and vibrations. Created by Shantih Shala Holistic Arts since 2013, the original Sound Journey sessions has evolved into the Shamanic Sound Journey, and now as Spiritual Sound Journey today. Since then many creative collaborations has taken place with various talented facilitators and musicians, creating beautiful memories along the way, with many more to come! Please see below for a glimpse into the journey so far…

Its characteristic trademarks are practices of SBM (Sound/Breath/Movement), Meditation, Sound Therapy work accompanied by live music and sounds, creating an deeply grounding process. Highly creative, interactive, experimental and always different every time, it is a powerful group session to awaken ourselves while connecting with like-minded souls.

SSJ group2-Aug 4 2020-group memory1

Remember that this is neither a concert nor a show. We are not here to entertain or please you. In fact, YOU are very much A PART OF THIS UNIQUE, CREATIVE PROCESS. Together we will create a soundtrack to help each other immerse deeper into our meditative bliss, working through our mental blocks, releasing stagnant energies, balancing our emotions and liberating the body. Please join us in celebrating the gift of Sound Therapy, Meditations and positive energies!

Everyone warmly welcomed, no experience needed!

Just bring an open mind and heart! C u there!

SSJ Aug 4 2020 Jo teaching2 memory




SSJ Aug 4 2020 Jo teaching2

这不是演出,我们的目的并非来取悦你。大家不是观众而是参与者, 全程所发生的一切即是引导者和你们共同创造的美好故事! 现场即兴音乐和声音、当下的气氛、你为他的呼吸、自发的动作,没有了语言的障碍,除掉评判和要求,我们可以放下内心的围墙,释放所有的压抑与约束,允许情 绪真情流露出来,当下的心情将带动一切,好让头脑彻底歇一歇。自然而然的,你发现做回最真实的你,也就是最美、最幸福的你是那么的美好和容易!



SSJ memory-Sept1

SSJ (Spiritual Sound Journey) is about:

  • sharing the profound wisdom, joy and bliss through Meditation, Mindfulness, Movement, Music and so much more…
  • uniting different people from various cultures, backgrounds and stories to connect, support and heal each other
  • empowering our unique, genuine Self through authentic expressions, spontaneous exchanges and pure intentions
  • discovering, understanding and accepting all aspects of ourselves, including the Shadow Self and other lesser known parts of us
  • celebrating the freedom of expression
  • enjoying feeling fearless
  • engaging all the senses including Sound, Sight, Smell, Touch, Taste, Vibration…
  • exploring simple, efficient and creative ways to ground, relax, release and heal
  • instilling the power of Presence
  • cultivating awareness, stillness and loving-kindness
  • remembering the importance of play and non-doing
  • creating a safe, non-judgmental and supportive space to be yourself
  • allowing darkness to be seen, heard and accepted as we return to the light
  • embodying our individual qualities and transcending them into something constructive
  • transforming emotions into powerful tools of change and empowerment
  • reflecting the spirit and beauty within each of us

Jo heals group


  • 通过冥想、正念、运动、音乐等等,分享深沉的智慧、快乐、喜悦
  • 把来自不同文化、背景和故事的不同的人结合在一起,连接、支持、疗愈彼此
  • 通过真诚的表达、自然的交换和纯净的意图,让我们独特、真实的自己更加有力量
  • 发现、理解和接纳我们所有的面向,包括我们的阴影中的自我和其他我们不熟悉的部分
  • 庆祝表达的自由
  • 享受无畏的感觉
  • 使用所有的感官,包括听觉,视觉,嗅觉,触觉,味觉,震动……
  • 探索简单、有效和有创造性的方式来让自己落地、放松、释放和疗愈
  • 慢慢注入临在的力量
  • 培养觉知、平静、爱和善良
  • 记起玩耍和不做任何事的重要性
  • 创造一个安全的、不带评判的、充满支持的空间,让你能够做你自己
  • 回归光明,允许黑暗被看见、听见和接纳
  • 活出我们个人的特质,并将它们升华为能够帮助我们的、有建设性的特质
  • 把情绪变成能够促进转变和带来力量的强大工具
  • 照出每个人身上的灵魂和美丽


sunset at sea

This SSJ: Sunset edition on a rooftop

Sunsets are magical times when the day morphs into night, when we detach our daily shells and duties, free to retire into being our true, natural selves. This is also a special time for us to listen, connect and allow our shadow selves to be seen, heard and expressed without judgment or expectations.

After two-thirds of a year of tackling many challenges, with big changes and uncertainties still ahead of us, it is essential that we take time out to nurture ourselves through deep release, grounding, relaxation and joy.

Bone + Jo @ Loft2-b&w

We invite you to help us create a safe, supportive space that welcomes everyone to simply be authentic, free and fearlessly ourselves. Together we will discover and harness the unique power of our voices, using it as a tool for Meditation, energy awakening, healing, empowerment and transformation. Come unleash the untapped potential and celebrate the unique magnificence of your voice as we free our Mind, Body and Heart, surrendering to the wisdom of the moment.Bone+Jo-SSJ-2019

Come help us create an evening full of MUSIC, MEDITATION, MOVEMENT and SOULFUL VIBRATIONS! Everyone is warmly welcomed to join us on this introspective journey of deep meditations, soulful contemplation and healing through profound connections. Knowing that this is a safe, supportive space for all like-minded souls to assist this process through our combined intentions and focused work. Let us fearlessly dive in deep and enjoy the journey, come what may!

John + Jo 2
No experience needed, all warmly welcomed! C u then!
Jo @ Mao Livehouse

About Your facilitator 你的导师:

Josephine Ong, Malaysia  王若男,马来西亚

Enriched with over 10 years of teaching experience, Josephine Ong is the founder and leading therapist of Shantih Shala Holistic Arts (SSHA). She is a skilled Wellness TherapistEnergy Healer, Yoga Teacher and Personal Trainer internationally recognized by Yoga Alliance, Yoga Arts Australia, Sivananda Vedante (Institute) Training Academy of Chennai (India) and ACE (American Council On Exercise).

Since 2008, Shantih Shala Holistic Arts (SSHA) was founded to serve as a platform promoting empowerment through the healing arts, specifically via Holistic practices to manage the Mind, Body and Heart. With the mission of helping others to empower themselves on a physical, mental and emotional level holistically, SSHA offers effective, high quality skills and practical professional expertize.

Josephine has helped empower many individuals from all kinds of backgrounds to achieve their goals by incorporating their personal interests with various tools and methods. Her work is a fusion of various disciplines that includes Energy Healing, Sound Therapy, Reiki, Counseling, Yoga, Ayurveda, Meditation, Feldenkrais, Cranial-Sacral Therapy, Aromatherapy, Shamanism, physical exercises, Massage, Music, Art and Dance.

Today Josephine bases herself in Shanghai, China, as she manages The White Room, a healing and coaching space located at the heart of the city. At the same time, Josephine continues to travel globally to deliver SSHA programmes in China, France, Thailand, Malaysia etc., dividing her time between Shanghai and working as a Visiting Practitioner and Alternative Wellness Therapist at international health and wellness resorts including Six SensesChivasom, Rayavadee, Liv Nordic Spa & Wellness, Viking Cruises and so on.

Josephine’s full bio:


Jo @ HAF-SS logo3

作为“Shantih Shala-整体的艺术”(SSHA) 的创始人和首席治疗师,Josephine Ong 拥有超过10年的教学经验。

Josephine是一位经验丰富的健康顾问、能量治疗师、瑜伽老师和私人教练,她的教师资格分别通过国际性专业机构的认证,具体为美国瑜伽协会(Yoga Alliance)、澳大利亚瑜伽艺术联盟(Yoga Arts Australia)、印度金奈希瓦南达吠陀(研究所)培训机构(Sivananda Vedante Training Academy of Chennai )和美国运动委员会(ACE)。

“Shantih Shala-整体的艺术”(SSHA) 创建于2008年。作为一个工作平台,“Shantih Shala-整体的艺术”(SSHA)帮助个人在疗愈艺术中,特别是通过促进身心灵健康与平衡的各种练习,实现个人内在力量的提升。“Shantih Shala-整体的艺术”(SSHA)提供高效优质且具有实践性的技能组合,帮助人们在身体、心理和情感层面上提升个人内在力量,从而协调地平衡身体、头脑和心灵的关系。

Josephine依照参与者的个人兴趣,运用各种各样的方式和方法,已经帮助不同背景的人们加强内在力量从而实现其自身目标。她的工作融合了多种方式,包括能量治疗(Energy Healing)、声音疗愈(Sound Therapy)、灵气(Reiki)、身心健康咨询(Counseling)、瑜伽(Yoga)、阿育韦达 (Ayurveda)、冥想(Meditation)、费登奎斯教育(Feldenkrais)、头部按摩疗法(Cranial-Sacral Therapy)、芳香疗法(Aromatherapy)、萨满疗愈(Shamanism)、身体训练(Physical Exercises)、按摩(Massage) 、音乐(Music)、艺术(Art)和舞蹈(Dance)。

时至今日,Josephine居住在中国上海; 作为重要的疗愈工作地点,她经营的“白色空间”坐落于这个城市的中心位置。与此同时,Josephine继续在世界各地旅居工作,在中国、法国、泰国与马来西亚等国家,开展 “Shantih Shala-整体的艺术”(SSHA)的工作项目。除了在上海的教学之外,她还担任国际著名疗养胜地或机构比如Six Senses, Chivasom, Rayavadee, Liv Nordic Spa & Wellness, Viking Cruises等的客座老师和特聘健康治疗师。


SSJ Aug 4 2020 Bone

About Your guest musician 你的特约音乐家:

Bone Lhamuja ལྷ་མོ་རྒྱལ 拉木加,China 中国

Bone Lhamo Kyap grew up in Gansu, he was raised by his grandmother. His grandmother’s homeland is in the Zhuoni Nalang county, south of Gansu. Where the Sangemao tribe have lived for generations. Each river, each rock is the deepest the deepest kindness in his life.

Bone began his professional music career in Shanghai in 2010. Since then he has performed in many popular live music venues as well as music festivals.

In June of 2015, he collaborated with Shanghai based art collective  THE POLYMORPH EXTRA The conceptual album will be released worldwide on the immersive UK record label imrsv records in 2018. THE POLYMORPH EXTRA Phoenix song features Lhamo Kyap’s voice and Gansu dialect lyrics. (More info : imrsv records)

In October 2015 he performed in the Shanghai WORLD MUSIC FESTIVAL.

Since December 2016 Bone has been a popular musician at the Jumeriah Himalaya Hotel, performing weekly for the Jumeriah’s high end clientele. He has also performed abroad in London, Spain as well as Brooklyn, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

In 2016 Bone Lhamo Kyap worked with Grammy recognized producer Michael Starita to record and produce his new singles Mother Earth is Crying and This Pitiful Life at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, California, USA. His film and soundtrack “When Mother Earth Cries” is due to be released in 2019.

Since 2016, Bone’s performances have been increasingly popular at Yoga studios and Yoga events. He has collaborated with studios and yoga brands such as Lululemon in Shanghai and the US.  In 2018, Bone and his wife Laura collaborated with Norden Travel to offer Yoga with Live Music Retreats in the Amdo Region, Tibetan Plateau of Gansu province.

In 2019, Bone launched his “When Mother Earth Cries” Album Campaign in San Francisco, California, USA, collaborating with the top yoga studios and yoga professionals in the SF Bay Area to share his unique voice and culture and bring his healing music to more and more people..

Since the campaign launch, Bone has recorded his latest track “Grandma’s Memory” again with Grammy recognized producer Michael Starita. He continues to perform his “music medicine” live for exclusive private concerts accross the Califonia, San Francisco Bay Area.

Bone 4.png

SSJ Memories & what people say 回忆+分享…


SSJ Aug 4 2020 dancin2

SSJ Aug 4 2020 Bone-feedback-Micaela

SSJ Aug 4 2020 Bone+Jo sharing

Screen Shot 2019-04-01 at 10.11.22 PM.png

SSJ memories-Death

SSJ Aug 4 2020 dancin memory

Feedback-SSJ-Maria T

SSJ memories-Death 3


SSJ-Oct memory.jpg



SSJ-Oct feedback 4.jpg


screen shot 2019-01-24 at 7.20.17 pm

SSJ brought me into deep discovery of self and deep healing. With Josephine’s facilitation, I was able to dive within and allowed everything coming up. I felt such relief after workshop and being whole again.


Screen Shot 2019-05-06 at 5.37.21 PM.png

Dear Jo, I absolutely loved the session the other night. It was good to get the inner animal out of the prison and also throw away the mental garbage before sitting down for real meditation. I find such dynamic meditations to be very effective so I will be looking forward to joining these sessions in the future. Many thanks for organizing it!


Last nights SSJ was amazing! I experienced things that I can work on like, I was a bit uncomfortable with the movement part and it is only because I am not use to expressing myself through movement. I had a very good connection using my voice spontaneously. The leading of Josephine and her wonderful musician was so connected with the energy of Mother Earth. I also am not used to connecting with Mother earths energy but more connected to the Divine’s Energy so I really had a wonderful experience with that too. Thank you for leading a amazing session  in sound journey it was so grounding. And also working on the grounding chakra. Thank you to all that also came it was a great group of people. I am very blessed and humble.

Screen Shot 2019-05-30 at 10.19.08 PM.png

There is a kind of music that quiets down all the chaotic chatter, gradually turning up the volume of our inner voice; the world stands still, leaving infinite space for you and yourself. Have you ever listened to your inner voice? It is profoundly and movingly beautiful indeed! I am so grateful to Josephine and all these souls to create these precious moments of deep listening!

Screen Shot 2019-05-06 at 5.40.03 PM

Screen Shot 2019-05-06 at 5.49.01 PM.png

Screen Shot 2019-03-31 at 4.57.52 PM.png

Screen Shot 2019-05-06 at 5.48.42 PM.png

Screen Shot 2019-08-17 at 5.08.13 PM.png

Sound Healing, where am I? Actually there is no “me”, because I am inside everyone! I found myself deliberately floating to feel my physical body as I connect with everyone around me, and to feel the powerful presence of so many emotions within the space.

Such a fantastic experience it was – to perceive the world through dance and music in a completely brand new way. Never did I know that dance is actually such a primal expression of human nature, that no dance technique is needed at all, until now.


MBH slogan+wechat

[ RSVP 预约 / More info 详情 ] Jo-shantih-shala (/Eng)

[ Exchange 学费 ] ¥150/pax 每人, ¥250/2 pax 俩人, ¥100/student 学生

Spaces limited, please kindly RSVP via WeChat or Alipay, thanks & c u!

位置有限哦, 请以微信或者支付宝付款方式确认你的位置, 谢谢!到时见!

Maiya Anken-roof + SSHA 1

[ Venue ] @ Maiya AnkenAir Rooftop

 6th floor, Lane 465, Zhen Ning Rd 181, near Yu Yuan Rd
[ Metro ] Line 11 exit 5

[ 地点 ] 安垦屋顶, ⻓宁区镇宁路465弄181号 近江苏路

[交通 ] 地铁11号线5号出口

Maiya Anken entrance2

Maiya Anken entrance1

Maiya Anken map-CHN

Maiya Anken map-ENG

Screen Shot 2019-05-06 at 6.06.54 PM


1. Prior to the workshop, kindly RSVP in WeChat to book your space
2. No phones & phones ON SILENT OR AIRPLANE MODE throughout the session
3. Please arrive 5-10 mins EARLIER to settle in
4. Wear comfortable clothes suitable for movement and meditation
5. Bring a water bottle (small towel, fresh clothes for after class)


ssj memories7


1. 在上课之前请务必提前用微信预约你的位置

2. 全程不使用手机,手机静音或者飞行模式

3. 请提前5-10分钟到达

4. 请穿上适合运动和打坐的衣服

5. 带上水壶(小毛巾和干净衣服更换,下课后用)



Let’s enjoy a cozy dinner & drinks together after class! 下课后我们一起到楼下的可爱餐厅一起吃饭吧!

Maiya cafe


Special Menu Deal

Maiya logo
¥85 per pax

Choose 1 drink + 1 main course as follows:

Drink choices:
– coffee
– tea
– fruit Chang soda
– house red wine
– house white wine
– house rice wine
– Kirin draft beer

Main course choices:
Option A: Chicken curry with rice (organic mixed rice, quinoa or cauliflower “rice”)
Option B:  Tofu curry with rice (organic mixed rice, quinoa or cauliflower “rice”)
Option C: Roasted mushroom + avocado salad with sesame dressing + sprouts

Hope to see u there!


Comm icons-hands on face




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