Shantih Shala Holistic Arts (SSHA) Yoga Fundamentals Course

Shantih Shala Holistic Arts (SSHA) presents the 1st Mind-Body-Heart course: Yoga Fundamentals course starts May 5~July 15!

Once a week we explore practices focusing on the topic of either Mind/Body/Heart in a 3-hour intensive workshop. Each module lasts 3 weeks. You can choose to attend each module independently, or complete your journey via all 3 modules to enjoy an immersive experience at a special rate, better yet Bring A Friend for more valued savings.


MAY 5, 12, 19 (Sat) 2-5pm [MIND]

JUNE 2, 9, 16 (Sat) 2-5pm [BODY]

JULY 1, 8, 15 (Sun) 2-5pm [HEART]

Course overview:

[MIND] Meditation, Pranayama (breath work), Kriyas (cleansing practices), Bandhas (energy locks)

[BODY] Postural refinement, movement and alignment safety, basic Asanas (postures)

[HEART] Meditation, Chanting, restorative and recovery Asanas (postures), Energy Work

Course duration & frequency:

  • Every Saturday OR Sunday 14:00~17:00, 3 hours/workshop/week
  • Each course is made up of 3 workshops focusing on a specific topic, totaling up to 9 hours
  • Each module consist of 3 courses, totally up to 9 consecutive weeks

5/5 (Sat) Yoga Fundamentals – MIND – week I 1

5/12 (Sat) Yoga Fundamentals – MIND – week II

5/19 (Sat) Yoga Fundamentals – MIND – week III

6/2 (Sat) Yoga Fundamentals – BODY – week I

6/9 (Sat) Yoga Fundamentals – BODY – week II

6/16 (Sat) Yoga Fundamentals – BODY – week III

7/1 (Sun) Yoga Fundamentals – HEART – week I

7/8 (Sun) Yoga Fundamentals – HEART – week II

7/15 (Sun) Yoga Fundamentals – HEART – week III




  • Each workshop (3 hours): ¥600/pax, Bring a Friend: ¥500/pax
  • One full course (9 hours): ¥1350/pax, Early Bird: ¥1200/pax
  • Three courses (27 hours): ¥3240/pax




  • Dates and times are subjected to change, please contact us forthe latest news & updates
  • Each workshop will include plenty of time for practice, review and Q&A feedback session
  • Spaces limited to maximize personal attention, kindly RSVP in advance
  • Includes tea, snacks, special SSHA notebook souvenir
  • No experience needed, all levels warmly welcomed

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