SSJ + Qi Dance – Paris

SSJ (Spiritual Sound Journey) + Qi Dance

11/1/2020 (Sat) 19:00~21:30

with Josephine Ong, Patrick Mechin & Ke Wen

@ Les Temps du Corps, Paris


SSJ+Qi Dance 2020.jpg



Workshop introduction:

This unique collaboration brings together a trio of passionate and seasoned facilitators: Ke Wen (founder/creator of Les Temps du Corps and Qi Dance), Josephine Ong (founder/creator of SSHA and SSJ) and Patrick Mechin (Sound & Energy Healer from Ganesha Studio) to co-create an immersive experience of Meditation, Movement, Mindfulness, Sound Therapy and Energy Work! Just bring an open mind and willing heart, no experience needed, all warmly welcomed!


What is SSJ? 

An original creation of Shantih Shala Holistic Arts since 2013, SSJ (Spiritual Sound Journey©) is a unique, meditative journey of the senses especially focusing on sounds and vibrations. Its characteristic trademarks are practices of  SBM (Sound/Breath/Movement), Meditation, Sound Therapy work accompanied by live music and sounds, creating an deeply grounding process. Highly creative, interactive, experimental and always different every time, it is a powerful group session to awaken ourselves while connecting with like-minded souls.

Remember that this is neither a concert nor a show. We are not here to entertain or please you. In fact, YOU are very much A PART OF THIS UNIQUE, CREATIVE PROCESS. Together we will create a soundtrack to help each other immerse deeper into our meditative bliss, working through our mental blocks, releasing stagnant energies, balancing our emotions and liberating the body. Please join us in celebrating the gift of Movement, Sound Therapy, Meditations and positive energies!


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