SSHA Winter Wellness Workshops

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SSHA Winter Wellness Workshop: A brief introduction

Winter is round the corner! As the days get shorter, this also means the drop in temperature, frequent attacks of allergies, colds and flu, a higher pollution rate, not to mention our general wellbeing will be challenged by SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), and the list continues…

Designed to awaken and enhance the natural healing mechanism within ourselves, the Winter Wellness Workshops will offer creative, simple and effective ways to help you better manage, even thrive during the cold season. We will dedicate equal time, energy and care by working on our physical, mental and emotional health, thus arriving at a balanced state of equilibrium ~ optimized holistic health as the way nature intended.

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Shantih Shala Holistic Arts (SSHA): who we are

Since 2008, Shantih Shala Holistic Arts (SSHA) was founded to serve as a platform promoting empowerment through the healing arts, specifically via Holistic practices to manage the Mind, Body and Heart. With the mission of helping others to empower themselves on a physical, mental and emotional level holistically, SSHA offers effective, high quality skills and practical professional expertise. We believe in maintaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle on every level is a life practice; only when we feel well by taking full responsibility of ourselves can we then help and serve other better.


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MIND, BODY & HEART form the three main pillars of holistic practice on our journey of self-discovery, empowerment and healing. You will learn simple and efficient tools to incorporate into your daily life including Energy Work, Meditation, Pranayama (breath awareness), Mindfulness, Sound Therapy, Intuitive Bodywork©, Yoga and much more. All you need is the intention to learn and discover, no prior experience required.

As a quick and easy reference:-

[M] = Mind related topics and practices

[B] = Body related topics and practices

[H] = Heart related topics and practices

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Date/ Time / Venue

Nov 9th (Sat) 2~4pm

@ 567 Mao Tai Rd rooftop, Chang Ning district

Workshop #I: focus on [B] and [M] practices


Nov 23rd (Sat) 4~6pm

@ The White Room, Xujiahui district

Workshop #II: focus on [H] and [M] practices


Dec 1st (Sun) 2~4pm

@ The White Room, Xujiahui district

Workshop #III: focus on [B] [H] and [M] practices


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Training Venue Details

Venue for Nov 9th:


Wei Ning Lu Metro Line 2, Chang Ning district

茅台路567号顶楼。 交通:威宁路地铁站2号线。 长宁区


Venue for Nov 23rd & Dec 1st:


Xujiahui district

Detailed directions and location map will be sent personally upon confirmation

NOTE: A location map will be sent via WeChat closer to the training date

White Room class room


Workshop overview

Inspired by the wisdom from Yoga, Intuitive Bodywork ©, Feldenkrais, Sound Therapy, Mindfulness, Meditation, Pranayama (breath awareness), Energy Healing and more, together we will explore fun, easy and effective holistic modalities that fully engage the MIND, BODY & HEART

All workshops will include an informal talk focusing on the topics of the day, demonstration and hands-on practice sessions, ample time for Q&A, discussions and feedback sharing.

Participants will enjoy:

  • Learn how to design a personal home practice to fit your needs and requirements
  • Specially homemade herbal teas meant to improve blood circulation and boost the immune system, among many other benefits (subjected to availability)
  • healthy snacks and water
  • An exclusive offer to purchase organic, homemade herbs, spices and customized essential oil elixirs that can be incorporated into your culinary experiments, beauty regime, medicine cabinet, self-care and personal wellness programme as natural remedies
  • Additional offer to enjoy special savings for more healing tools at The White Room
  • A mini sample healing session will also be featured as appropriate and if time permits


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FAQ: What is featured in these workshops?


Nov 9th (Sat) 2~4pm

@ 567 Mao Tai Rd rooftop, Chang Ning district

Workshop #I: focus on [B] and [M] practices

Optimized health and wellness through the physical body and right mind set

  • Lose excess weight, get lean and strong → diet, exercise, detox
  • Strengthen immune system → super herbs, foods, oils, tips and guidance
  • Kick start healthy lifestyle → distress, sleep well, more vitality
  • Quit bad habits → identify and heal root causes, adopt new healthy ones
  • Maintenance → gain focus and clarity, setting realistic goals, adjusting to mini lifestyle changes that is manageable and sustainable
  • Addressing common ailments including lower back pain, Insomnia, Sinusitis, indigestion, chronic fatigue, Depression, restlessness and so on


Nov 23rd (Sat) 4~6pm

@ The White Room, Xujiahui district

Workshop #II: focus on [H] and [M] practices

Practices for a dynamic and healthy lifestyle

  • Get fit and strong → body awareness, proper rest, exercise in the right way
  • Eat well → health review, make smarter decisions
  • Stay motivated and disciplined → finding clarity, support group
  • Boost cognitive function and focus → custom made practice, specific techniques


Dec 1st (Sun) 2~4pm

@ The White Room, Xujiahui district

Workshop #III: focus on [B] [H] and [M] practices

Stress-management, healthy and supportive interactions

  • Manage stress → awareness exercises, deep relaxation skills
  • Emotional wellbeing → authentic communication, counseling, coaching
  • Simplicity and efficiency → fun, easy daily practice to stay inspired for maximum results
  • Effective and authentic communication → honouring our truth while maintaining integrity
  • Meet like-minded people → healthy, supportive system through common interests


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FAQ: who should attend these workshops?

  • Anyone interested in discovering, healing and empowering the MIND, BODY & HEART to enhance general wellbeing
  • Those curious about learning various holistic modalities to rebalance and enhance their health
  • Anyone keen on self-care and self-love
  • Those who are ready to meet like-minded folks to support your journey
  • Anyone suffering from injuries, medical conditions and/or unexplained health complaints
  • Those who are physically active who wishes to further enhance sports performance by utilizing various ways to assist recovery, reduce inflammation and so on

NOTE: no prior experience is needed; suitable for anyone wishing to learn and explore

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FAQ: Can I join just one workshop?

All workshops can be taken independently, however we highly recommend completing all 3 workshops (6 hours in total) to fully take advantage of the courses in order to maximize and deepen your learning experience. Priority will be given to those who register for the full course.

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FAQ: Who is the facilitator?

Your facilitator is Josephine Ong, founder and leading therapist of Shantih Shala Holistic Arts (SSHA). Please visit the links below for more info:-


products collage

FAQ: What is included


  • Special teas, water and snacks will be provided
  • Invitation to join an exclusive WeChat support group for experience, homework, skills, practice exchange/sharing to encouragement personal growth and development
  • An exclusive offer to purchase organic, homemade herbs, spices and customized essential oil elixirs
  • Additional offer to enjoy special savings for more healing tools at The White Room


  • All dates and content are subjected to change, please stay tuned for the latest info
  • Class size will be kept small to ensure maximum attention, RSVP ESSENTIAL. Please contact us to inquire more


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In preparation for your training

  1. Fill out an application and consent form that will be sent to you upon registration
  2. Avoid eating a heavy meal before class
  3. Wear loose, comfortable clothing that allows easy and free movement
  4. Remove shoes, all jewelry, watches and belts
  5. Phones on silent or airplane mode
  6. Bring your own Yoga mat, a Yoga block or cushion, a small face towel, a blanket if you get cold easily
  7. Pen and paper for taking notes


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Useful Links

The work of SSHA:


Media coverage:

Courses, workshops & more:


private sessions flyer


Private samples

Contact us to for details and bookings


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wht room treatment room

Bring A Friend Offer & Special Passes available




We look forward to work with you very soon in the near future!

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All words & images remain the copyright of Shantih Shala Holistic Arts ©

切文字于图片属于 Shantih Shala Holistic Arts 版权所有 ©


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