MBH Mind Body Heart immersion courses

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Immersion Courses

starts Oct 20th ~

open for registration now!  


MBH course flyer


MBH Intro Workshops

Please join our Wednesday evening introductory workshops to experience a taste of various healing modalities that could enhance your wellbeing and deepen your spiritual path:-

Wednesdays 19:30~21:00 @ The White Room

Sept 5th Intro to MBH focusing on [MIND] & [BODY]

Sept 26th Intro to MBH focusing on [MIND] [BODY]

Oct 17th Intro to MBH focusing on [BODY][HEART]

MBH course-intro

  • All levels & beginners welcomed
  • Spaces limited, kindly contact us for details & c u there!



MBH Immersion Course

Join the MBH [MIND] [BODY] [HEART] Immersion Courses for focused learning and a thorough experience:-

Saturdays 16:00~18:00 @ The White Room


  • Pre-requisite: attended at least one Intro Workshop
  • Spaces limited, kindly contact us for details & c u there!


Reiki1 @ vital force-healing

Energy Work Level I training course at Vital Force Wellness Centre


Course duration & frequency:

  • Every Saturday 4~6pm, 2 hours/workshop/week
  • One course covers 3 workshops totaling to 6 hours, entire module is a total of 18 hours over 9 weeks
  • Each week focus on a specific theme gradually progressing to more advanced practices
  • Three weeks concludes all levels on one theme


The White Room at Xujiahui

Detail directions and map will be provided upon registration

White Room class room.jpg



  • Kindly contact us for the promotional rates and details
  • Includes tea, snacks, special SSHA notebook + badge


Reiki 1 @ Paris

Energy Healing training course in Paris, France



  • All dates and content are subjected to change, please stay tuned for the latest info.
  • All workshops can be taken independently however we highly recommend completing all 3 workshops (one full module) to deepen your learning experience
  • Class size will be kept small to ensure maximum attention, please kindly RSVP in advance to reserve your space


Jo @ HAF-June 2018-2

Moving meditations at HAF (Healing Arts Festival)


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What are the benefits of joining these courses?

These courses are designed to simplify holistic practices for easy understanding and learning purposes. You will learn easy and efficient tools to incorporate into your daily life including Meditation, Pranayama (breath awareness), Mindfulness, Sound Therapy, Intuitive Bodywork©, Yoga and much more.


yoga @ pool deck

Yoga on board Viking Cruise 


Q2: What is so special about these courses?

These courses serve as an introduction to delve into alternative therapies including Energy Work, Meditation, Sound Therapy, Mindfulness and much more, whereby we would gladly help you advise you on how to continue further studies.

Furthermore, with the intention of ensuring maximum learning and quality content, class sizes are kept small in order for personal attention. Practice sessions, group discussions, interactive exchanges and homework will help us remember better while making it fun! Furthermore, these limited course are only available this fall, with the next intake happening in 2019.


Jo @ HAF-June 2018-4

Spontaneous healing at HAF (Healing Arts Festival)


Q3: Who is it for?

Anyone who is interested in discovering, healing and empowering the MIND, BODY & HEART to enhance general wellbeing, deepen their spiritual path and of course, meet like-minded souls. All you need is the intention to learn and discover, no experience required.


Med @ VF

Meditation at Vital Force Wellness Centre



Q4: Can I join just one of the module (all three workshops focussing on one topic)?

Yes, all workshops can be taken independently, however we strongly recommend  completing all 3 workshops (one full module) to fully take advantage of the courses in order to deepen your learning experience.


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